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Business opportunities for Africa

Africa, previously the poster child for poverty, famine, disease, decaying infrastructures, corruption, conflict, crime and brutal violence, is now a continent where wise investments can offer high rates of return, as the 54 different nations that inhabit it enjoy a prolonged spurt of economic growth.


Vehicles Sales Surge in May

Pretoria — Vehicle sales surged in May, rising by 20.7% to 50 229 from 41 625 units in May 2011, the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (Naamsa) said.


Africa a Mecca for multinationals

Africa's burgeoning middle class and consequent increase in disposable income becoming increasingly attractive for yield-chasing multinational companies.
That ubiquitous McKinsey & Company report from two years ago which said Africa’s consumer spending would reach $1,4tn in 2020,


Embrace Natural Sources of Energy - Minister Kamanzi

The Rwandan people have been urged to embrace the use of naturally-occurring eco-friendly sources of energy such biogas and solar power, and to practice environmentally-conscious activities such as terracing to fight soil erosion.


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