New Plan to Transform Machinga Complex

MACHINGA Complex in Dar es Salaam, long considered a 'white elephant' will soon become a real business park following a comprehensive recovery plan jointly formulated by the new market administration and petty traders.


 Demolition of Mchikichini market in the neighbourhood previously thought to be a ploy to push petty traders to the new structure is not an option but application of modern market techniques would work out the miracle, says the market manager.


The newly appointed Business Park (Machinga Complex ) Manager, Mr Nyamsukura Masondore informed the 'Daily News' in Dar es Salaam on Thursday that a special committee has been established to undertake critical assessment on factors behind the sluggish operations.


"The committee has started working on documents related to initial objectives of the project, operational modalities and lines of weakness for appropriate response," Masondore explained. Making reference to deliberations of a recent joint meeting that brought together representatives from petty traders and the complex administration, the manager said it had been agreed that the first three floors would be occupied by petty traders while the fourth and fifth floors to be occupied by medium and large scale entrepreneurs.


"The wisdom behind the move is that the approach would attract the true market competition situation and eventually eliminate the wrongly created disrepute that the location was meant for petty traders and low income earners as customers. Other services like pharmacy, banks, hotel and others will be provided for the business park to attain its status," he said. Adding, "The complex should be regarded as a golden opportunity for petty traders who are expected to expand to become well-off entrepreneurs. The size of stalls is a subject for discussion.


The partition is not permanent therefore expansion is possible," Masondore elaborated. Ms Halima Jumanne and Ms Beatrice Hosea own boutiques. They said they could go the whole day without selling a piece. The ladies suggested that there should be a mechanism for authorities to help explore external market for reliable income. "As you can see, majority of the people put on second-hand clothes.


As a result the garments we sell do not move fast. We are told that there are excellent markets in China, UK, USA, Scandinavian countries and others but the problem is who would help us access them?," Ms Halima wondered. Over 700 business stalls have been unlocked by the management due to failure by their allotted owners to utilize them.


The decision was reached by the management after their owners failed to carry on business in the stalls while they kept them locked. In July last year Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner, Said Meck Sadick ordered renters who had failed to start business to surrender them immediately. There are 4,026 stalls in total.

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