Kano to Build Power Plant

Kano — Kano State government is to build its own independent power plant in order to reduce electricity shortage in the state.

 Speaking during a press briefing as part of Democracy Day celebration in Kano yesterday, the state governor, Engr. Rabi'u Musa Kwankwaso, said the state has been consulting with some independent power companies on the issue of power supply without reaching a deal, saying however that after careful analysis of the whole issue the state decided to shoulder the project's responsibility alone.

"When we came into power, we made several attempts to find credible companies that we will collaborate with to construct power plants at Tiga and Challawa; but being that we work with time and also we do not want to start something that may end up with problem either for the government or the companies, we decided to make provision in the next year's budget to solely construct an independent power plant that will in a great deal reduce the power supply shortage being experienced," he said.

According to the governor, the project has already been captured in next year's budget and it is hoped that when completed the power plant will be utilized either by the water treatment plants in the state or by the companies.

Similarly, Kwankwaso had also announced that the state government has decided to relocate the state central prison from its present location to Janguza, adding that when the relocation processes were completed the site of the present prison will be converted into a girls' school.

The governor also stated that the state has a policy that every National Youth Corps member sent to the state will be posted to school with the exception of medical students. He added that the state government has already approved the construction of 200 houses in various schools within the state to complement its decision of using corp members in its schools.

Source : allafrica.com