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China bolsters Africa ties with $20b in loans

Beijing: Chinese President Hu Jintao on Thursday offered $20 billion (Dh73.4 billion) in loans to African countries over the next three years, boosting a relationship that has been criticised by the West and given Beijing growing access to the resource-rich continent.


$50m-Africa World Airline to take off September 21

Africa World Airline, a joint Venture between the Social Security and National Insurance Trust, the Strategic African Securities (ASA), both of Ghana, and Hainan Airlines of China, is set to take to the skies on September 21.


BRICS a forum for strengthening India-S Africa ties: diplomat

India and South Africa enjoy a very close and cordial relationship and BRICS provide them with yet another opportunity for creating more networks, a top Indian diplomat has said.


India to focus on enhancing trade ties with West Africa

India is focussing on enhancing economic and trade co-operation with West African nations and has set sights on increasing the trade turnover with such African countries to around $20 billion by 2015 from the present $14.1 billion per annum.


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