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SA eyes new oil sources

South Africa is looking at alternative sources of crude as tough US sanctions slapped on countries importing oil from Iran are days away from taking effect, a senior government official said on Friday.


Mozambique: Locals Companies Earn Over a Billion U.S Dollars From Vale

Maputo — Vale Mocambique, a subsidiary of the Brazilian mining company Vale, says it has spent over a billion US dollars on goods and services from more than 400 Mozambican companies in recent years.


Africa: Road to Rio - Improving Energy Use Key Challenge for World's Food Systems

Agriculture's heavy dependence on fossil fuels is undermining the sector's ability to feed the world, perpetuating poverty and undermining efforts to build a more sustainable world economy, FAO said today.


Tanzania: Cashew Processing to Be Done Locally

Dodoma — THE government on Thursday underscored the need to increase processing cashew nut locally to ensure a reliable local market for the crop.


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