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New Plan to Transform Machinga Complex

MACHINGA Complex in Dar es Salaam, long considered a 'white elephant' will soon become a real business park following a comprehensive recovery plan jointly formulated by the new market administration and petty traders.


World Bank Assists Electricity Sector

Washington — The Board of Executive Directors of the World Bank today approved an International Development Association (IDA*) grant in the amount of US$18.3 million to assist the electricity sector in Guinea (Conakry).


Mine to Boost Agriculture

Windhoek — Namibian Marine Phosphate (NMP), which continues to draw attention from environmental groups over its mining methods for the phosphate deposits at the Namibian ocean bottom, says the mining output will play an important role in food security in Namibia, and in the entire southern African region.


Kano to Build Power Plant

Kano — Kano State government is to build its own independent power plant in order to reduce electricity shortage in the state.


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