Implementation of Reliable Water Service to 16 villages in Tanzania

Implementation of Reliable Water Service to 16 villages in Tanzania

CHRONIC water shortage in 16 villages of Chamwino District will soon be a thing of the past after the government teaming up with Innovation Africa, a nonprofit organisation, carries out implementation of a number of water projects in the area.

"Presently, the residents think about water wells that become dry in many times within the year as a results of drought within the region," identified the District Water Engineer.


District Water Engineer Godfrey Mbabaye, aforesaid here recently that practicability study for the comes was complete in most villages, adding that upon completion of the comes, the residents within the sixteen villages are going to be obtaining reliable and constant water service.


Dodoma is in an exceedinglyll the semi arid regions that expertise just one season in a year, but it's endued with lots of underground water.


Engineer Mbabaye mentioned the villages to learn from the water program in Chilonwa body as Magungu, Segala, Nayu, Azimio, Ikombo, Msamalo, Manchali, Nzali and Chinonje, Handali, Champumba, Nkwenda, Mondomela and Muheme in Mtera body.


Others ar Umoja, Magunga, Mgondo, Mkandamile, Mahama, Ndebwe wherever Innovation Africa can finance the project. in line with Engineer Mbabaye, the development work to put down water pipeline has already started when finishing the Mkandamile Village one, wherever presently they need a cistern and a water pump house.


Engineer Mbabaye identified that the beneficiaries of the project would be the health facilities below Mkaji programme, together with Ilangali, Msanga, Dabalo, Mahelezi, Chinungulu, Idifu and Mlowa Bwawani.