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AMI online service gives South Africa new import

AMI – the world’s largest trade-only airfreight and express wholesaler – is set to revolutionise express imports to South Africa, with the launch of an all-inclusive online service.

Called click2ship Express Imports, the new service is the imports counterpart of click2ship Express Exports, launched in South Africa in 2014.

Click2ship Express Imports provides online quotes and bookings for imports from any location in the world. Prices include collection at origin, Customs export entries, freight, Customs clearance on arrival, and local delivery from airport to agent or consignee.


‘Export of perishables through NAHCO has grown over 10% since 2016’

Cargo exports in Nigeria have continued to increase since the devaluation of naira and implementation of certain policies deliberately to facilitate exports. Seyi Adewale, chief commercial officer, Nigerian Aviation Handling Company Plc (nahco aviance) talks to Ifeoma Okeke on some of the products that are gaining traction outside Nigeria and how best to improve exportation in Nigeria. Excerpts.


East Africa: Regional Tea Exports Increase

Latest records from Mombasa auction show that tea registered a 6.2 per cent rise in exports posted to the global market.

According to the East African Tea Export Auctions, latest trading on the July 24 and 25, shows that six of the 10 regional players exported 7.4 million kilogramme bags, up from 6.9 million kilogrammes exported around the same time last year.

The report further shows that production increased from 7.5 million kilogramme bags exported last year to 8.2 million kilogramme bags offered in the same period this year.


Ethiopia sets up 3 livestock quarantines to boost sectors’ exports revenue

The reported 3 livestock quarantines, with a collective capacity to host over 42,000 export-ready cattle concurrently, have a combined construction cost of 210 million Ethiopian birr (close to 9.1 million U.S. dollars), according to Abrham Tesfaye, the Ministry’s public relation head.

While the livestock sector is an important subdivision within the east African country’s economy in terms of its contributions to both agricultural value-added and national GDP, recent drought has wrecked havoc on Ethiopia’s cattle population.


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