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Construction of Sierra Leone’s Mamamah Airport to start December

The construction of a long awaited Leone’s Mamamah Airport is now set to kick off in December Chinese Ambassador Zhao Yanbo has said.

Speaking during his country‚Äės 67th Independence celebration at the Embassy last week Zhao said that the current good working relationship with the county will continue despite the fact that he is going out now.


140MW geothermal power plant in Kenya to be constructed

Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) has plans to construct 140MW geothermal power plant in Kenya before the end of 2016.

Abel Rotich, KenGen Geothermal Development Director, said that his organization has already secured funding to the tune of US$300m for the construction of the geothermal power plant in Kenya.


Gigawatt Global and Liberia ink deal to construct mega solar power plant

Project developer Gigawatt Global and Liberia have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the construction and financing of a 10MW solar photovoltaic power plant in Monrovia.


Programme on sustainable energy in Nigeria launched

The Federal Government has unveiled a programme on Sustainable Energy in Nigeria For All- Action Agenda (SE4ALL-AA) that will increase Nigeria’s power generation from the present 3,000MW of power to 45,101MW by 2030.


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