Transmashholding Enters South Africa

Transmashholding Enters South Africa

TMH Africa Railway engineering company located at Johannesburg will unveil its 45 000 square meter rolling stock manufacturing and service plant in Boksburg.

This company acquired R500 million last year from DCD Group, as part of its investment in Africa. 

Companies have committed to collectively invest in the province which the amenity is part of,which is around R40 billion investment says the Gauteng government.  

It will assemble, construct,service and act as a solution for locomotives and other rolling stock for the African continent and will further contribute to skills- and small and medium enterprises-development in the rail manufacturing and services.

Being the largest manufacturer of rolling stock in Russia,TMH Africa is a subsidiary of Transmashholding (TMH), It is 30 percent owned by black economic empowerment partner Mjisa Investments.

Africa's gateway production site claims that the rolling stock manufacturing facility will be a major part of it , which will enable the assembling, maintenance and refurbishment of rolling stock. 

Our Human Resource would continue delivering innovative diesel and electric locomotives as well as coaches in South Africa and the rest of the continent- TMH Africa quoted.