World Rally Championship Interests Tanzanian Drivers

World Rally Championship Interests Tanzanian Drivers

Tufail, the 2018 National Rally Championship(NRC) first runner driver, is keen on completing the revived Kenya Safari Rally schedules to start from July 4th to 7th in Kenya.

Tufali has joined compatriot Sharam Pandya, who was the first to confirm participation in the event.

Tufali, who finished behind Ahmend Huwel in last year's event, is now second in the 2019 NRC standings with 40 points.

He scored 15 points during the first edition of NRC before finishing in the position in the Kilimanjaro Motorsport rally to collect 25 points.

Randeep Singh is leading the NRC with 43 points. Tufali has mentioned his targets to counter different challenges in the game.

He said Kenya Safari Rally is the World Rally Championships (WRC) Candidate event and he hopes prominent drivers will compete.

"As a driver, I need to face different challenges in the game. It is where you can evaluate yourself. I believe, the Kenya event will give me the right direction of my career," said Tufali.

Meanwhile, Michelle Mouton, a safety delegate to the International Federation of Automobile (FIA) continues to evaluate the proposed routes if the 2019 WRC event in various parts of Kenya.

Mouton said the 4.5 kilometer circuit is good with "possibilities of hosting a Wold Rally Championship event."

The work continues as her proposed changes to make the circuit more competitive and safe will be implemented in readiness for the 2019 Safari Rally.

The circuit, according to its designer, Anthony Gatei, who is also the Service Park Manager, will have parallel routes for the drivers to race side by side.

As per Anthony, an inter-change and pavilion will be added and there will be tight corners banked with soil for safety purposes. WRC Safari will be shortened to around 500 kilometer spread over three days as it must remain hard work for the current crop of sprinters.