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Rwanda Government is all set with its new plan to help reduce medical costs

Govt lays out plan to reduce procurement of medical supplies.

Rwanda Medical Supply (RMS), a newly suggested body to replace Medical Production, Procurement and Distribution Division (MPPD), is likely to help lower medical costs.


Ethiopia is all set to receive Clean Drinking Water and Sanitation Facilities

The government of Ethiopia declares the launch of its model water supply, sanitation and waste management system in the areas like Welenchiti Town, Oromia Region with an aim and intention to provide sufficient clean drinking water and sanitation facilities in the area.


Gas Supply Agreement signed between Chevron Nigeria and Dangote

A long term agreement was entered into by Dangote Fertilizer Ltd.(DIL) with Chevron Nigeria Ltd. (CNL) for delivery if natural gas from Chevron's supply to the fertilizer plant.


South Africa is all set to boost its natural gas capacity by 2030

According to Research And Markets, the utilization of natural gas in South Africa shrinked by 2.3 per cent year-on-year in 2017.


South Africa’s natural gas comprises more than 3.2 per cent of the nation's primary energy supply.


The gas forms an significant part of the country's future energy mix. 


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